In Discussing The Problem Of Leisure It Should Be Remembered That The Worker In An Office 23864

In Discussing The Problem Of Leisure It Should Be Remembered That The Worker In An Office 23864

womans healthIn discussing the problem of leisure it must be remembered that the worker in an office or a factory has less spare time at his disposal than the length of the working day would demonstrate. For he has to travel substantial distances to and from work, he must consume meals and devote some time to his family, he may have to attend further education classes, and he has to recuperate from the pressures of work. This really is particularly noticeable in the event of women workers. Additionally, the rate of technological progress is such that continuous retraining is necessary a state of long-lasting learning. The recuperative fraction is vital, since the sources of strain have now mainly been altered from physical to mental, particularly with the introduction of automation. The truth is, some medical scientists have dedicated annual vacations to cope with exhaustion. This issue is accentuated in the case of "shift" workers, who, as an outcome of expensive machines having to be manned constantly, lead an isolated life away from the society in which amusement normally is enjoyed. Get further about 22a-a4p5n104 powerflex 4 by visiting our witty link. In any event the term "leisure" bas a different meaning in each theory.

It is well known the nature of work and leisure shifted with the advent of an industrial society. Extensive changes happened in the social structure with an emergence of a middle class society. The amount of production workers is continually decreasing, while that of service and white collar employees is rising, this process being a social adjustment to technical progress. The increased leisure brought about by a shorter working week, in its turn, has led chiefly to leisure activities concerned with individual gratification, including family matters, social tourism, societal hobbyism and "watcher it is", while many avocations became leisure time professions. Additionally, in certain industries and states workers resisted the intro of shorter hours, preferring increased gains instead. Really, in certain fields a reduction in the ordinary working day resulted in increased overtime work. Above all, any increase in leisure actions did not lead to social work for the community, political parties, or clubs.

The question, therefore, arises whether efforts really should not be made to prepare for leisure. At present this is left to chance, especially as it is feared that leisure education may become a weapon for commanding guy"s thoughts. Based on Fourastie (1963), three phases in the enjoyment of leisure could be differentiated: in the first period increased leisure has led to action concerned with overcoming apathy with no independent thought or imagination. Click here 22d-b012h204 powerflex 40p to read the reason for this concept. In the second stage there is a hunger for experience, like sport, traveling, food and beverage all without real enjoyment. If you have an opinion about politics, you will maybe wish to learn about 2711p-b12c4a8. The 3rd phase, however, is that described by Aristotle when he wrote, "The aim of leisure is to heighten human consciousness and to enlighten the soul"; in other words, progression of creative vigor, independent thought and higher flavors. At present, work in mechanised and automated factories is really monotonous and boring that it may lifeless human capabilities and also make it difficult for workers to make good utilization of their leisure time; hence the indifference and at times hunger for some other experiences. On the flip side, the character of one"s work and one"s social position may, among other things, discover the way one spends leisure time; and the ideal amount of working hours might be different for different jobs and people. Technical advance has given the worker the power to be creative; the problem is how to prepare man for such action. Perhaps schooling, national policy and other variables may help. Whatever the alternative, leisure time is a consequence of technological advancement, and must be handled in an educated and reasonable manner. This problem has far reaching and profound societal outcomes.

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